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"Birdwatching in Maine: The Complete Site Guide" now available!

Updated Second Edition

Birdwatching in Maine: The Complete Site Guide


Edited by Derek J. Lovitch


In 2017, Derek Lovitch, co-owner of Freeport Wild Bird Supply, released Birdwatching in Maine: A Site Guide to provide a resource for people who were looking for places to birdwatch throughout the state. The book was so well received that the publisher (Brandeis University Press) requested a second edition. This completely revised and updated edition with new sites and maps is now available for purchase, in store or on our E-store!


With over 470 species of birds recorded, Maine offers an abundance of birding opportunities for people of all levels of interest and experience, from those looking beyond their backyards for the first time to knowledgeable visitors looking to plug a hole in their list of sightings. The state’s wealth of undeveloped land and its extensive coastline, countless islands, and varied habitat combine to host an impressive diversity of birds at all times of the year. Birders travel to Maine from near and far to seek hard-to-find species, from the only Atlantic Puffins breeding in the United States on offshore islands to Bicknell’s Thrushes high in the mountains.


This book fills an important niche for the birdwatching community by offering comprehensive entries detailing the best locations for finding birds throughout the state for enthusiasts of all levels of skill and interest. It contains descriptions of 202 birding sites in Maine, with explicit directions on how to get there, for all sixteen of the state’s counties, several as large as other New England states! Each chapter features       a county map, a brief overview by Derek J. Lovitch, numerous specific site guides, and a list of rarities. The book also contains a detailed and useful species accounts guide for finding the most sought-after birds.


Lavishly illustrated in color throughout, Birdwatching in Maine is the best available resource for finding birds in the largest of the New England states. This updated edition features a new introduction, as well as new birding sites and updated maps.


The official book release party for the new edition is scheduled for Thursday, February 29th at Maine Beer Company. Please see this post for more information.


Derek J. Lovitch is the author of How to Be a Better Birder and a former department editor of Birding, the American Birding Association’s flagship magazine. He and his wife, Jeannette, own and operate Freeport Wild Bird Supply, an independent bird- feeding and birding specialty shop that serves as a vehicle for promoting birding and bird conservation. Lovitch acts as a guide for clients throughout the state.


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