"Birds on Tap - Roadtrip!" series in the national news!

Our growing "Birds on Tap - Roadtrip!" series with The Maine Brew Bus continues to garner great press. And this time, we've gone nation-wide with this great article from the Associated Press, featuring our recent "Fall Duck and Draughts" tour.

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21 species visited the feeding station this week. House Sparrow: 44 Rock Pigeon: 16 American Goldfinch: 10 European Starling: 6 Blue Jay: 5 Northern Cardinal: 5 Mourning Dove: 4 Black-capped Chickadee

There will not be a birdwalk on October 1st.

New arrivals to the feeding station this week included 1 CAROLINA WREN on 9/16 (one of only a few we have had here), 1 NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD on 9/17, 1 female BALTIMORE ORIOLE on 9/21, and our first 2