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Zeiss Day Store Hawkwatch Results. 9/10.

Following our Saturday Morning Birdwalk, we conducted a hawkwatch from right here in front of the store. Over the years, we have had some truly extraordinary counts from right out our front door. As part of our "Zeiss Day" events, Rich Moncreif from Zeiss joined us to scan the skies, while showcasing the entire line of Zeiss birding products.

Beginning around 10:30 am and ending just after 4:00pm, our little hawkwatch yielded a goodly total of 95 individuals of 11 species of raptors!

21 Ospreys

18 Broad-winged Hawks

13 Sharp-shinned Hawks

13 Turkey Vultures

11 Bald Eagles

7 American Kestrels

5 Cooper's Hawks

4 Northern Harriers

2 Merlins

1 Red-tailed Hawk

Additional non-raptor migrants tallied included a late Chimney Swift, 2 Blackpool Warblers, 1 Northern Flicker, and 3 Monarch butterflies!