Update: No Birdwalks May 29 through July 10

We have once again suspended our Free Saturday Morning Birdwalks until July 17th.

Happily, this is only due to scheduling constraints and logistics – NOT due to Pandemic surges! But with 4 tours and events (our Monhegan Spring Migration Weekend, the Rangeley Birding Festival, and two “In Search of Troppy” boat trips to Seal Island ; details on all are on the “Tours, Events, and Workshops Page” of the website) on Saturdays in the coming weeks, it makes the most sense to get back into our routine after our busiest tour season.

When we do return on July 17th (pending Pandemic changes and current CDC Guidelines), we hope to be back to normal, and we’ll return to the old format.

1) Meet at the store at 8:00am as always.

2) Carpooling will once again be mandatory. No exceptions! If you’re not vaccinated, don’t come. If you feel uncomfortable carpooling with strangers, we completely understand and respect that. However, due to the clear constraints of travel time, parking, etc, our caravans of up to 16 cars is just not working well. You will be asked to wear a mask while in the vehicles, however.

3) At the moment, we will be continuing to require mask use for the duration of the walk – even when outside – due to the challenges of social distancing when scrambling to see a bird. However, we really hope we can change this policy by the middle of July.

4) We will return to the store as always between 10:00 and 10:30, and coffee will once again be served!

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