Store Hawkwatching, 9/17.

With a major hawk flight underway today, as first evidenced by kettles of Broad-winged Hawks over Sandy Point on this morning's birdwalk (see previous post), we conducted an informal hawk count from right in front of the store.

10:30am to 3:45pm

Mostly sunny, light northwest becoming light south by 2:30pm and gusty S by 3:00pm.

With Angela Woodside as primary counter through 2:15.

1634 Broad-winged Hawks

28 Sharp-shinned Hawks

19 Ospreys

12 Bald Eagles

8 American Kestrels

6 Turkey Vultures

2 Cooper's Hawks

2 Red-tailed Hawks

1 Peregrine Falcon

1 Northern Harrier

Total = 1,708

5 Double-crested Cormorants

15 Monarchs

7 unidentified dragonflies

4 Green Darners

2 Twelve-spotted Skimmers

Between the Morning Flight (see previous post) and a great hawkflight, today was an all-day visible migration spectacular!

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