Steller's Sea-Eagle Ornaments!

Updated: Feb 2



Exclusive, limited edition, commemorative


Painted on Monhegan Island by Cynthia Anne Charles

These are custom-made, painstakingly hand-painted acrylic paintings that wrap around mini-glass balls (1.25” diameter) inscribed with “Maine 21-22” to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime sighting, and a perfect souvenir for the birding event of the century.

Available only at Freeport Wild Bird Supply!

----------------------------------------------------- You loved Cynthia’s hand-painted glass ornaments that we exclusively carried at the store this holiday season. We’re excited to announce that we will continue to carry Cynthia’s art throughout the year – the only store not on Monhegan Island to do so! We love to be able to support a local artist and year-round resident of Monhegan Island – Maine’s birding Mecca.

We approached Cynthia about commemorating the “bird of the century” for Maine with a special, limited-edition ornament as a keepsake for this monumental “Mega.” She loved the idea and immediately got to work, but it was not easy fitting such a massive bird on a tiny, glass ball!

Right now, these will be available exclusively in-store here at FWBS. We have received the first 20 balls, and they are first-come-first serve. No holds or pre-orders at this time, sorry! As we receive more, we will consider making them available for shipping via our eStore. There’s no way to mass-produce these, and Cynthia will not sacrifice quality…and quality takes a lot of time.

We’re so impressed by Cynthia’s artwork on such a tiny medium, and these commemorative ornaments are truly special and will go very quickly. We think you’re going to love them, so hurry in soon!

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