Saturday Morning Birdwalks Suspended as of 11/14.

In light of the recent surge of COVID-19 cases in Maine, we have decided to be overly-cautious and suspend Saturday Morning Birdwalks as of November 14th. While we are confident that our policies have kept us all safe in the previous few months, the record amount of cases in the state have forced us to rethink our programs. With such large turnouts of late (among both birders and birds!), we believe it’s best to not be encouraging group activities – even outside and while wearing masks. Furthermore, long caravans become challenging in winter weather, parking is very limited at many of our winter destinations, and much of our winter birding involves using spotting scopes; the sharing of which is probably not the best idea right now.

This was not an easy decision, especially after our incredible birding in the last few weeks - and today's insanely gorgeous weather, but we believe it is the prudent thing to do, and sends the right message about how serious the situation is right now.

Please check the News Page of our website thereafter as we are constantly re-evaluating the policy based on the latest developments and state guidance. We will be considering all of our previous birdwalk concepts, including Birding Bucks, Pre-Registration, and our usual and preferred “all are welcome” strategies. Stay tuned!


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