Feeder Birds This Week: 3/19

A pair of HOUSE FINCHES is already nest-building as of 3/12. Our first-of-year TURKEY VULTURE was spotted over the store on 3/13.

22 species visited the feeding station this week.

Rock Pigeon: 18

House Sparrow: 14

American Goldfinch: 12

Red-winged Blackbird: 12

Black-capped Chickadee: 7

Northern Cardinal: 6

Blue Jay: 5

Song Sparrow: 5

Hairy Woodpecker: 4

Mourning Dove: 4

American Crow: 4

European Starling: 4

House Finch: 4

Eastern Bluebird: 4


Downy Woodpecker: 3

Tufted Titmouse: 3

White-breasted Nuthatch: 3

Red-breasted Nuthatch: 2

White-throated Sparrow: 2

Common Grackle: 2

Dark-eyed Junco: 1

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