COVID Policy Update 5/23/21: MASK POLICY REMAINS

First of all, we want to thank ALL of you for continuing your support of our business during the past year, and cooperating with us as we navigate the ever-changing circumstances of the pandemic. Now that many of us are vaccinated, and CDC guidelines (as well as Maine mandates) are changing, it is time for us to update our own store policies.

We will no longer be restricting the number of customers in the store at one time, so no more waiting outside to simply run in to pick up some seed. We do ask that people be mindful of each other, however, and allow for some spacing. You will also see the arrows on the floor slowly disappear.

Now, the big one - MASKS:

Although recommendations are becoming more lenient regarding where and when masks should be worn, we will STILL REQUIRE MASK USE INSIDE OUR STORE. This goes for our employees, customers inside, and those stepping in just to pick up an order, regardless of vaccination status. If you forget your mask, no problem: we will continue to have a few on hand.

And, don't forget you can still call for curbside pickup. We are keeping our own mask guidelines in place for a while longer for the safety of us, our employees, and those in the store (as well as all of our families!). NO MASK? NO ENTRY. Period.

For information on our Saturday Morning Birdwalk schedule and policies, see this post.

Thank you for understanding, and we believe that with just a little more time and vigilance, we WILL see this through to the end and look forward to lifting every and all restrictions and protocols.

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