Birdwalk Highlights for 8/6: Wharton-Simpson's Points, Brunswick.

It was a hot one, so we skipped a long walk in the sun and did our Brunswick coastal loop, finding some refuge in the air conditioning in between productive stops. And a little seabreeze.

Beginning at Wharton Point at the perfect timing of the outgoing tide for shorebirds, we scanned the mudflats. A growing number of southbound migrants today numbered 46 BLACK-BELLIED PLOVERS, about 20 SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPERS, 4 GREATER YELLOWLEGS, and 1-2 LEAST SANDPIPERS. Two SNOWY EGRETS and two GREAT BLUE HERONS also were stalking the shoreline. Later, a flock of 16 GLOSSY IBIS flew in to join them.

COMMON TERNS, with juveniles in tow, were fishing (about 6-10 total) over the waters, as were at least 3 OSPREY. A single NELSON'S SPARROW sang from the marsh, while several migrant BOBOLINKS were on the go overhead.

We had a family group of YELLOW WARBLERS in the parking lot, two tussling NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRDS, and an EASTERN BLUEBIRD or two. A southbound RUBY-THROATED HUMMINGBIRD buzzed by.

Among the RING-BILLED GULLS was a single adult LAUGHING GULL, and our first two fresh, spiffy juvenile BONAPARTE'S GULLS of the season.

A short stroll along Pennell Way produced more Bobolinks - at least 18 including a fledgling still being fed by the adult female. 7 SAVANNAH SPARROWS flushed out of the field, while overhead we had about 10 BARN SWALLOWS joined by a single BANK SWALLOW. A COMMON RAVEN called from the treeline, while an Osprey commuted home overhead after picking up breakfast. A couple more Eastern Bluebirds were also seen well and thoroughly enjoyed.

Our final stop was Simpson's Point, which was a little quieter than usual: 40+ COMMON EIDER, 20+ DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANTS, 20 more Common Terns, two more Osprey, two more Great Blue Herons, but not much else.

But yes, on our way back to the store, we did a slow drive-by with the windows open of the Crystal Springs Farm fields that had formerly held the two Henslow's Sparrows (not seen since last Sunday now), just in case.

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