Birdwalk Highlights for 8/1: Old Town House Park, North Yarmouth.

One of our favorite summertime birdwalk destinations did not disappoint today. While we did not see a single Bobolink, this was a good thing, as haying operations are now underway. But it was another successful breeding season here thanks to delayed cutting. We wish this year's crop of Bobolinks good fortune as they make their way to South America over the coming months.

We got things started right off the bat with a single RED CROSSBILL flying over the parking lot. Shortly thereafter, we spotted the local pair of GREEN HERONS traveling to and from their nest. We peaked into the nest to see the top of a still-fuzzy nestling. We assumed the third adult we saw in flight was a member of a different pair from further upstream - but seeing 3 Green Herons in the air at one time was a nice treat.

Working the riparian edge, we had pockets of activity. Highlights included a great look at a very aggressive WILLOW FLYCATCHER, as well as two birds that were most likely an adult and juvenile Willow as well. Tallies for the morning also included 30 AMERICAN GOLDFINCHES, 25 SONG SPARROWS, 20 CEDAR WAXWINGS, 8 RED-WINGED BLACKBIRDS, 6 BLUE JAYS, 6 GRAY CATBIRDS, 4 RED-EYED VIREOS, 4 COMMON YELLOWTHROATS, 3 HOUSE WRENS, two each of BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER, EASTERN KINGBIRD, YELLOW WARBLER, BARN SWALLOW, and a single NORTHERN FLICKER and TURKEY VULTURE.

A cooperative male BLACK-THROATED BLUE WARBLER in the woods was another highlight, as was the single MONARCH.

And the stunning caterpillar we encountered was a moth in the genus Ellida. I think it's Ellida caniplaga, the Linden Prominent Moth, but the pattern doesn't seem quite right. It was on a linden, however.


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