Birdwalk Highlights for 7/17.

Our FREE Saturday Morning Birdwalks returned, following our traditional format (details and current protocols can be found here) with a tour de Brunswick, hitting our favorite mid-summer hotspots.

The outgoing tide at Wharton Point was quite productive, with southbound shorebird migration underway: 10 SHORT-BILLED DOWITCHERS, 8 GREATER YELLOWLEGS, and at least 1 LEAST SANDPIPER. Joining them on the mudflats included a goodly 10 GREAT BLUE HERONS, 8 SNOWY EGRETS, and 2 BONAPARTE'S GULLS. COMMON TERNS (15+) were feeding in the shallows, we spotted at least 4 BALD EAGLES, and we heard and glimpsed at least two NELSON'S SPARROWS in the marsh besides us.

Next up was Simpson's Point, which produced the birds-of-the-day in 4 rare, oversummering BLACK SCOTERS. They joined a plethora of COMMON EIDERS of various ages, a few more Snowy Egrets and Great Blue Herons, lots of Double-crested Cormoratns, more Common Terns, another Bald Eagle or two, and a couple of fishing OSPREYS.

For the "walk" portion of this morning's birdwalk, we strolled Pennell Way. The unmowed fields here host successfully-breeding BOBOLINKS and SAVANNAH SPARROWS; several of each were seen today, including a couple of very cooperative sparrows feeding in the roadside ditch. BARN SWALLOWS were on the move overhead, we heard PINE, BLACK-AND-WHITE, and COMMON YELLOWTROAT WARBLERS singing from the edges, and otherwise enjoyed a pleasant morning.

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