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Birdwalk Highlights for 6/1: Old Town House Park, North Yarmouth.

It's June and June means breeding season is in full swing. Although we have some more migrants left to arrive and push through, our focus turns to local breeding species.

Technically we were greeted by the EASTERN PHOEBES breeding on the trail kiosk, but the real welcoming committee was the first of two main colonies of BOBOLINKS. We had ample opportunity to see and hear many, males and females, including some great display performances. Our guess was about 40-50 in total were detected. How many are really in those deep and thick meadows?

Another highlight here are ALDER and WILLOW FLYCATCHERS. We had two of each, but a fifth was a little too far to identify without vocalizations. They were not side-by-side today, but still the comparison visually and especially auditorily was instructive.

YELLOW WARBLERS (20+) and COMMON YELLOWTHROATS (10+) dominated, joined by at least 8 AMERICAN RESTARTS, 3 OVENBIRDS (one seen well for a change), and a single BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER.

VEERIES (3+) were seen and enjoyably heard, and SONG SPARROWS (~20) and GRAY CATBIRDS (10+) were as abundant as usual here. At least 3 WARBLING VIREOS were heard and glimpsed by the river, and a few RED-EYED VIREOS were heard as well. A single EASTERN KINGBIRD and a brief view of a pair of GREAT CRESTED FLYCATCHERS made for a goodly five species of flycatcher on the morning. Four CEDAR WAXWINGS, 2 CHIMNEY SWIFTS, and one each of BALTIMORE ORIOLE, NORTHERN FLICKER, and RED-TAILED HAWK helped to round off the list.


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There will not be a birdwalk on Saturday, July 13th. We'll see you on the 20th!


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