Birdwalk Highlights for 5/8: Florida Lake Park, Freeport.

After a little "Car Tetris" in the parking lot, we enjoyed a spectacular walk at this spring migration hotspot thanks to a strong migration overnight.

We hit three pockets of warblers, with two of them producing most of the action. In the end, we amassed a respectable 12 species of warblers, with many of them very well-seen. Lots of first-of-years for everyone today, including myself.

As expected, YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS led the way, with an easy 40-60 total. 10 BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLERS were the only other species in significant numbers however. The rest of the warbler list: 4 PALM WARBLERS, 3 OVENBIRDS, 3 COMMON YELLOWTHROATS, 2 BLACK-THROATED GREEN WARBLERS, and one each of YELLOW WARBLER, NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH, PINE WARBLER, MAGNOLIA WARBLER, BLACK-THROATED BLUE WARBLER, and AMERICAN REDSTART.

Other migrants included 3 BLUE-HEADED VIREOS (including one particularly well-seen), fly-overs from single COMMON LOON and GREATER YELLOWLEGS, and we finished up with our first LEAST FLYCATCHER of the year.

An excellent swallow show on the chilly morning included the omnipresent TREE SWALLOWS, but we sifted out at least 6 BARN SWALLOWS, 4 NORTHERN ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOWS, and 2 CLIFF SWALLOWS.

Two OSPREYS were fishing the lake, a migrant BROAD-WINGED HAWK soared overhead, and a young male SHARP-SHINNED HAWK zipped between us, also on the lookout for swallows and warblers. 4 WOOD DUCKS and a HOODED MERGANSER added to the list that ended with over 40 species!

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