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Birdwalk Highlights for 5/6: Spear Farm Estuary Preserve, Yarmouth.

It was an absolutely lovely morning, finally, but migration still has some catching up to do! We did eek out 6 species of warblers, but we had some great looks at a variety of birds. And we were dry.

PINE WARBLERS (6) led the way, including some superb views of multiple birds, including two females gathering nesting material. We had a great look at a BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER as well, but only glimpsed the one PALM WARBLER. Our first OVENBIRD, a BLACK-THROATED GREEN WARBLER, and one lone YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER were all only heard.

We began the walk with a great look at a singing BROWN CREEPER at the parking lot, in the same tree that we ended our walk with an outstanding view of two BLUE-HEADED VIREOS. Two small flocks of migrant BLUE JAYS totaled 13 individuals, two EASTERN PHOEBES were seen and heard, 5 TREE SWALLOWS passed overhead, and we had a nice look at a RED-BELLIED WOODPECKER.

Out at the river's edge, 12 LESSER YELLOWLEGS across the river relocated to our side, right in front of us. That was nice of them. We also caught a nice little coastal hawk flight developing, with a total of 10 BROAD-WINGED HAWKS (including a likely local carrying off a frog), 3 SHARP-SHINNED HAWKS, 1 COOPER'S HAWK, and a local RED-TAILED HAWK. A single SNOWY EGRET was downriver, and we had a few close DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANTS but also a migrant flock of about 30 passing by.

It's certainly not the tally we expect for May 6th, but considering the weather and resultant slow birding we have been experiencing, it was all most welcome.