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Birdwalk Highlights for 11/18: Field and Farm Tour.

It was raining, and it kept raining, but at least it wasn't cold! But we skipped the walking today and drove around looking for grassland birds in fields and farms between North Yarmouth and New Gloucester.

Unfortunately, we didn't find any...but at least we stayed mostly dry. 264 CANADA GEESE, 131 RING-BILLED and 2 HERRING GULLS at Thornhurst Farm gave us something to sort through, but all we had at other fields were AMERICAN CROWS (total of194). Our journey, including a quick check of a few convienent edges yielded only the following: 330 EUROPEAN STARLINGS, 34 AMERICAN GOLDFINCHES, 9 ROCK PIGEONS, 4 BLUE JAYS, 4 TUFTED TITMICE, 4 BLACK-CAPPED CHICKADESS, 2 NORTHERN CARDINALS, and one each of COMMON RAVEN and RED-TAILED HAWK.

But we tried! And stayed dry.

We then finished up at the Cumberland Town Landing, which very quickly improved our list: 120 BUFFLEHEADS, 44 AMERICAN BLACK DUCKS, 10 AMERICAN ROBINS, 10 RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS, 2 HORNED GREBES, 2 WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS, 2 GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULLS, 1 COMMON LOON, 1 SURF SCOTER, and 1 COMMON EIDER were all added, along with padding a few other numbers of the day.

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