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Birdwalk Highlights for 10/7: Thornhurst Farm and Old Townhouse Park

Birdwalks returned this morning after a 3 week hiatus due to other commitments. The fear of rain did not really materialize as we met up at the store. However, the first drizzles began just as we got into the car. We attempted to start out at Old Townhouse Park in North Yarmouth with a check of the bushes close to the parking lot. But, as the rain got heavier we got back into the car and headed to Thornhurst Farm.

A few CANADA GEESE were flying around, but not many were in the fields. But, the roadside birding on Prince Well Road was quite good. An adult BALD EAGLE cooperatively sat atop a tree in the field, accommodating us nicely with scope view. Sparrows were present in numbers in the surrounding vegetation. SONG dominated, but SAVANNAH SPARROWS also put on a good show. One SWAMP SPARROW gave us a good look, while a PALM WARBLER flitted around low to the ground. A pair of COMMON RAVENS serenaded us with their croaks.

A check of the field from Rte 115 gave us about 40 CANADA GEESE foraging and resting, along with 30+ RING-BILLED GULLS and 6 HERRING GULLS. The star of the show was an immature NORTHERN HARRIER that gave us a fly by.

With the rain mostly out of the way, we made our way back to Old Townhouse Park for a short walk. It was quiet, but we spent more time studying the SONG, SWAMP, SAVANNAH, and WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS near the parking lot. A stroll out to the lower field gave us the only EASTERN PHOEBE of the morning. Several BLUE JAYS passed us overhead with acorns and seeds in their mouths, no doubt looking for winter caches. And, to add to our raptor sightings, a lone TURKEY VULTURE repeatedly circled over us, and an immature RED-TAILED HAWK performed evasive maneuvers to get away from 5 AMERICAN CROWS.

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