April 2nd Covid-19 Policy Update

First and foremost, we wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your continued support. We appreciate it, and we all know your birds appreciate it! We continue to strive to get your backyard birds the absolutely best, freshest, and most nutritious foods and other products for their health and benefit, and for us to maximize the enjoyment of birds in our backyard – something that has never been as important for our own health and well-being as it is now.

On March 31st, Governor Janet Mills announced a state-wide “stay at home” order. We are classified as an essential business, and for the past two weeks, we have been taking precautions above and beyond state guidelines to ensure the safety of all of us. Therefore, we will continue to remain open for the time being. Our supply chains remain strong, and our shelves are fully stocked. We continue to add new products to our eStore for your shopping convenience, including bluebird house kits and our brand-new “Deluxe All The Birds Feeding Station” – where one click can get you completely set up for attracting the widest range of birds possible to your backyard!

In our last update we talked about the benefits of feeding birds – for both us and them! We also outlined our current shopping policies, which include the following:

1) Order online for curbside pick-up or direct shipping.

2) Call us to arrange for free home delivery (Wed and Sat pm to Brunswick, Cumberland, Falmouth, Freeport, North Yarmouth, Pownal, Topsham, and Yarmouth with the addition of Cape Elizabeth, Portland, Scarborough, and South Portland on Friday afternoon)

3) We are allowing, if necessary, one party at a time to shop in the store. The door is locked and this will be strictly enforced.

4) Continued in-store disinfection routine.

Some other updates:

- In conjunction with state and Federal CDC guidelines, ALL OF OUR SATURDAY MORNING BIRDWALKS ARE CANCELLED THROUGH 5/1.

- Eastern Bluebirds have been seen nest-building, so you’ll want to get those houses up soon, and if you haven’t cleaned out your houses after the winter, you’ll need to do that ASAP.

- The first Pine Warblers are starting to arrive in yards, and this is the most likely “yellow” warbler to show up at feeders, and the first of our migrant warblers to arrive. Look for them on mealworms, suet (especially insect), and soft nuts like in our Mr. Bird and Nutsie blocks. Look for newly-arrived Chipping Sparrows and waves of White-throated Sparrows to arrive soon; be sure to have plenty of White Proso Millet on hand for them and the last of our departing Dark-eyed Juncos.

- Derek has just posted a blog about birding in Maine in our current situation with some other tips for what to look for, birding projects to undertake, and more to offer some semblance of relief in these turbulent times. Check it out at

As a non-bird-related side note, if you are making anything that could be useful at this time (we are thinking face masks, but anything else really), we would be happy to facilitate the sale of your products - at no profit to us - through our EStore to get them out there. Just contact us.

Again, we are immensely grateful for your continued support. We know you love your birds as much as we do, and so we want to do what is best for you, too. Thank you for shopping small, and we promise we’ll be passing on as much of our income to fellow local small business as we all work to keep our economy alive and keep life the way it should be!

Stay healthy everyone!

Sincerely, Derek and Jeannette


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