4/15 Covid-19 Pandemic Update

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you for feeding your birds; they appreciate it! Thank you for supporting our store; we appreciate it! Thank you for taking advantage of curbside pickup, free local delivery, and in-store restrictions; we all appreciate it!

It’s been almost 2 weeks since our last policy update. Doesn’t that feel like a lifetime ago? But, we’re happy to report that we haven’t had to make significant changes as our social distancing methods seem to be working here at the store.

So we have just a few updates (see link for the previous policy statement).

1) We are now open from 10-5 daily, extending our day by another hour for your shopping and especially pick-up convenience. For those who need to pick up after 5pm, we can leave seed outside, but that is at your own risk, and we’re trying not to tempt our local squirrels too much!

2) Ordering online for curbside pickup is definitely still the easiest way to get what you need while staying safe. Our inventory online continues to expand, and we are currently adding more non-food items, like puzzles. Unfortunately, if you want the take advantage of the free home delivery, you still need to call us directly.

3) As we are continuing to allow one party at a time in the store (no exceptions!), we ask that you please remember your mask and that everyone washes their hands upon entering.

4) We have added DURHAM to our delivery route. Therefore, the current schedule is:

- Brunswick, Cumberland, Falmouth, Freeport, Durham, North Yarmouth, Pownal, and Yarmouth: WEDNESDAY PM and SATURDAY PM.

- Cape Elizabeth, Portland, Scarborough, South Portland, and the Casco Bay Islands via the Casco Bay Ferry Line: FRIDAY PM

We’re trying to make this as easy and as safe as possible for you, us, and our employees. But yes, there have been a few hiccups along the way. So thanks for bearing with us, and thank you for your continued support.

And how ‘bout those birds! Migrants are really coming back now.

Speaking of, a lot of folks have been asking about hummingbirds and orioles. Even though our spring has been running early (minus a few hiccups!), long-distance migrants are still working their way north. Unlike the facultative (flexible) migrants we talked about in our last update and our post about the reverse migration of robins, these long-distance migrants use the changes in daylength (and hormonal responses to those changes) to time their flights, effected on a much smaller and more local scale by the progression of the season (phenology) and the resultant availability of food, and then by weather patterns.

In other words, we expect our hummingbirds and orioles to be pretty much right on time. Therefore, we recommend our usual suggestion: put your hummingbird and oriole feeders out on April 25th. Even though very few of us will see either species before the first week of May, it is the early-arriving vanguard that need our help the most. And remember, if you don’t want to seriously harm or even kill your hummingbirds, ONLY use 1 part white, granulated table sugar to 4 parts boiling water. NEVER use dyes, fillers like dextrose, or pre-made solutions with untested additives and preservatives. Keep in mind we do sell an “instant” sugar (basically table sugar at a finer grind to dissolve instantly in cool water) for your convenience. All of our most-recommended hummingbird and oriole feeders are now up on our eStore.

Bird safe!


Derek and Jeannette


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