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The All-Time Saturday Morning Birdwalk List!

I've finally complied a list of every species ever seen on a Saturday Morning Birdwalk. With over 10 years of free birdwalks, we have compiled 235 species! Especially for those "regulars" who keep good notes, I would appreciate you taking a look, especially at the question species at the end of the list. Please let me know if I missed anything!


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Feeder Birds This Week: 6/7

24 species visited the feeding station this week. Rock Pigeon: 28 Red-winged Blackbird: 16 House Finch: 10 European Starling: 8 House Sparrow: 8 American Goldfinch: 6 Mourning Dove: 4 Eastern Bluebird


There will not be a Saturday Morning Birdwalk on June 8th as Derek will be guiding at the Rangeley Birding Festival.

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