The Bradbury Mountain Raptor Research Project
Bradbury Mountain State Park, Pownal, Maine
Spring Hawkwatch

Founded 2007


Sponsored by:
Freeport Wild Bird Supply
541 Route One, Freeport, ME
Leica Sport Optics

Leica Sport Optics
March 15 to May 15, 7 days a week, 9am to 5pm
The Bradbury Mountain Hawkwatch was initiated by Jeannette and Derek Lovitch in 2007 in order to quantify the extent and duration of the northbound raptor flight over Bradbury Mountain State Park (Click here for directions)

Volunteer efforts in the past have provided us with baseline data, and along with casual observations, leads us to believe that a significant movement of raptors would be tallied with a full-time effort.  Northern Goshawks are of particular interest, as there are few East Coast sites that tally significant numbers in the spring. 
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As important as the data are, however, we believe that the outreach and education potential of a hawkwatching site is exceptional.  Therefore, the Volunteer Hawk Counter that is hired each season will not only collect data, but will engage the public, educate, and share the joys of hawkwatching with all.  Please join us and our Official Counter on top of the hill!

Daily counts of all raptor and vulture species are submitted to the Hawk Migration Association of North America, and posted to the BirdHawk listserve.

For daily counts and previous season's data from Bradbury Mountain visit

A special thanks goes out to Bradbury Mountain State Park for hosting the project.

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